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At W & S Security Doors and Screens, we manufacture and sell quality screen doors from our family owned and operated workshop serving Adelaide and northen suburbs. We only buy from the best suppliers and we also pride ourselves on our quality of service and efficiency. These two things when added together, ensure that you get the best possible product in the fastest possible time. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Invisi-Gard Security Doors & Screen Doors - Ultimate Protection

We are a licensed manufacturer and retailer of Invisi-Gard products. Invisi-Gard is a 316 Marine grade stainless steel security mesh that is installed into a extra strong frame using a wedge securing system that gives you piece of mind when installed to your home, it is astecilly good looking and gives you the clear vision with no bars whist protecting your home, it can be fitted to windows, doors and you can even add a cast grille if you choose. Click Here to find out how to better protect your family and home.




Diamond Grilles - Standard Security Doors & Screens

All Grilles have a 7mm strand thickness and meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. To obtain maximum benefit from Alspec Security Grilles all doors made incorporating these grilles should also be manufactured to comply with AS5039 and installed to comply with AS5040. All Diamond Grille Doors are available with the option of One Way Mesh, ideal if added privacy is required. One Way Mesh allows you to see out through your door at the same time as reducing the visibility into your house from the outside.




Dog & Cat Doors

For all your pet access needs, Petway access pet doors are the way to go. These pet doors are made in Australia for Australian conditions and can be installed to almost any screen door or we sell them separately for an easy installation by you, they are available in three sizes, small, medium and large and a variety of colours. Click Here to find out more.




Cast Panel Doors

Our wide range of available cast panels are an excellent addition to any screen or security door. They provide a style and flair with a little extra strength to your door. Click Here to see some samples of available cast panels.




Inventco - Automatic Water Closer Door

Inventco Automatic water closers are another great idea. Have you ever had the problem of people using your sliding door and leaving it open? Here is the answer, These closers are Australian made and are designed to close your sliding security door with ease, we can install them on a purchase of a new door or sell them separately for a 10 minute installation by yourself, the unit only has one moving part which makes them a very reliable unit with years of excellent service. Click Here to find out about how to stop people from leaving your door open.




We carry a large range of mesh types including Privacy mesh, Paw proof (for protection against dogs, cats and kids), Aluminium Wire, Fibreglass Wire, Micro mesh, Stainless Steel, Galvanised mesh and Alugard. Click Here to find out more about our large range of meshes.


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